Hot climate Etty Ket

Dear Queenie,

  Since my wife and I moved to St. Maarten we keep our house air-conditioned all year ’round because it is so hot and humid here even in the winter, but if it ever does get a little cooler outside we open the windows to get some fresh air.

  When we would visit friends they would have the windows closed, so there would be no fresh air, but they would not have the air-conditioner turned on and we would have to just sit there and fan ourselves and even if we mentioned how hot we were they wouldn’t do anything.

  Queenie, why wouldn’t they at least try to make their guests comfortable?—Hot climate Etty Ket


Dear Etty Ket,

  Your friends probably are accustomed to the hot climate in St. Maarten and may even find your air-conditioned house too cold but are too polite to say anything, or may dress warmly in anticipation when they visit you.

  As for their homes, they may live in areas where unpleasant fumes enter the house if they open the windows, and they may find air-conditioning too expensive and not really necessary.